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I know that a lot of things are bothering your mind about fishkeeping. I’d rather say that you’re about to set up a natural TV. It isn’t that tricky and is pretty simple actually. All you have to do is be determined about what you are going to start. Let me tell you about my first experience about fishkeeping. It all started with a 5 liters’ water bottle which I transformed into a temporary aquarium with a little air pump and without any water filtration system.

Water change was required three times a week due to the number of fishes…

As we all are aware of the global spread of the deadly COVID-19. Lockdown has been imposed in many countries around the globe. People are practicing social distancing and self-isolation. In this situation, implementation of SOP and awareness of preventive measures is extremely needed by keeping social distancing in mind. Considering the circumstances, drones seems fit for the job as drones are capable to use AI and machine learning, fitted with cameras, specialized sensors and computer vision system. Let’s take a look at how drones are helping to combat Covid-19.

Temperature Measurement

Drones are helpful in fever detection. They can be used…


Have you ever noticed that lectures you listened for inspiration, the books you read for motivation just exaggerate your energy temporarily? Of course, they do. You may not be interested to understand the core mechanism of how this motivation stuff works. Let’s get straight to the point, why it’s not creating a concrete impact on your life?

Listening to motivational speeches and reading a lot of inspirational quotes or books seems to be a life changer for the time being, but you will notice that its effects starts to fade and on the next day you wake up and you…

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